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Yung Astroo - Vines Compilation July/2016 Updated

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this anime stuff is getting a little out of hand... Reasons why the lights stay OFF at a party. Dinner after the NBA Finals. just when you thought your crush finally noticed you.. some myths are actually true. When being tough only works over the phone when your ex see's you glo up. summer break :) when your friend goes a little too far.. When you catch your homeboy talking to your crush. When the force AIN'T with you spring break when your " joke " turns out to be a true statement. me tomorrow. when you catch your teacher snooping through your closet for her 3 month old essay. when you in the wrong horror movie. When your friend gets jealous you upgraded before them when you accidentally make another dance trend when your dad gets bitched by the closet monster Meek & Nicki 25 years from now when the niggas you owe money spot you in public When you get smart with your mom , but then she uses her super powers on you When Your Grandmother Thinks She Knows the Newest Dance..& ends up breaking her hip. When You Whip Way Too Hard .. Chrish when you spazz on your mom at the wrong time.... Angry Black Moms Be Like.... How Black Grandmothers Get Ready For Church ... GTA style if I ever heard this shit at lunch When your grandma hears your music from the other room ... when your retarded cousin gotta stay the night When you dancing with a girl at a party but she takes the song way too serious Oh word Lilo? y'all ready ? What I wanna say when my teacher does this shit When you look for new food to eat but the smell of left overs kills you . just when you think you're doing something right for once with Bae. when you at a cookout but you don't know half the people there. When your mom comes through with your favorite food for dinner When Ya mom keep asking you how was school When you gettin ready for church but you feel the spirit before service. White People vs Niggas in horror movies when the waiter asks if you want soda just because your black Bae And Her friends Skpe call Gone wrong When you catch your dad Beatin off and THIS IS WHAT HE SAYS when your retarded friend intrupt the phone call NFL Commercial Breaks be like .. when ya mom bring home IHOP for breakfast When you retarded and Ya mom can't control you in the Restaurant That one hiccup that takes your life away. How white dads feel when their daughter brings home a black guy. When your Homie saves you from getting roasted We all got that one nigga that blows up the bathroom. Ghost Mom pt 2. Busted on FaceTime when Ya side chick call you on FaceTime and says this bullshit We all got that one friend with that dramatic ass sneeze . " How I feel when my teacher tells me I didn't turn something in. " When your neighbors white girlfriend finds out he eats ass " " When Ya mom turn ghost and find out you fucking up in school When ya stepdad get to carried away when your brother know he want something but won't ask Patrick Order Food Like .. Stupid Question Of The Day : White Girl - Can I use HAND soap to wash my eyes ? BillyBounceDance in 5 Below DMV MEET UP PART 2‼ KingVADER™㊙{£DIT GØD}, Metroo, SträwHat Dan, Damn Teezy, GloryGirl TU, KiahLaFlame, ColombianaMAMI(BVC•MD) " When you notice Ya Friend Bumpin that New Club Music " When ya little brother tryna wake you up from a good ass dream. Things Black parents Say that lead to Ass whoopings. When Ya grandma start talkin bout nothing after Christmas dinner Grandma Gettin Hip to Pasta Jebordia ! " When somebody breath stink and you tryna give them hints that it smells. " trying to take a test , then the loud mouth girl walks in. " When it's Time to Decorate For Christmas when you jammin to Ya song then some bullshit come on when your brother thinks he got next When Niggas Swear they can dance .. Goal Reached ! finally have 2k why she always gotta say something KingVADER™㊙{£DIT GØD}, LEANandCODEINE™ AnayaPerry™GloryGirl Queen Hazell ✖ColombianaMAMI/BVCMD✖, KiahLaFlame Q - can I feel your hair ? Q : why are you so perfect ? Q ; do you eat ass LEAN™ TU, Damn Teezy When bae gets a little TOO nasty .. and then gets mad LEAN™ TU, Damn Teezy struggle of making a vine Damn Teezy , LEAN™ TU | Damn Teezy | when you heard that new club mix ( actual heart attacks ) lmfao " when your mom gets home but forgets to whoop you " " Ghetto Conjuring " wtf is this .... Damn Teezy, KingVADER㊙ 2, KingVADER™㊙{£DIT GØD} " Church Choir Directors Be Like .. " When your friend asks for a sip but put their mouth on it " When you realize ya girl hit the whole squad TeamUnserious Meet Up Ft. Some Special Guests YoungAnt‼'s fucked up screen , & GloryGirl TU To 7K ‼‼'s forehead Mc Bitch ✘LEANandCODEINE™ TU✘

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