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Awkward Boners: Science Explains!

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Boners, There's only really one time & place that they're appropriate. But men sometimes get a boner when they really don't want one! We’ve all-- well, you’ve all been there. Apparently. Called out in front of the class, had to present in a meeting, or found yourself in some other awkward A F situation where even though you were not aroused… you all of a sudden became a hands-in-pockets kinda guy who really needed to carry that Japanese Design textbook with him at all times. Clearly erections don’t always equal lust. I think it’s time for some harrrd truths about erections. I’ll admit, I’ve woken up next to a hard penis or two in my time. But sometimes, they were asleep– So what’s up with it going up when it's not supposed to. Well reflexogenic or psychogenic erection – which are boner caused by physical or mental stimulation, have some interesting science behind them. Your penis is ruled by your autonomic nervous system, just like your heart rate and blood pressure, which you also have very little control over. Also, emotional stimuli like anger are processed by the same part of the brain that deals with sexual arousal, so it is fair enough that sometimes the signals get confused. Whilst this type of response seems to happen less with age, it seems to explain the motive behind make-up sex, as anger processing is so close to sexual arousal processing within the brain. Even male fetuses inutero can experience erections as young as 16 weeks gestation and clearly they’re not fantasizing about anybody on Netflix. We’ve all heard the expression ‘going from six to midnight’, but it’s actually during the early morning hours – more from midnight to six – that you’re most likely to be experiencing nocturnal erections. It’s during these hours your body enters periods of REM sleep, or dream sleep, and this is when you have ‘nocturnal penile tumescence’: about three to five erections through the night that last for 25-35 minutes each. Whether you’re dreaming about your secret lover or Tuesday’s English exam has nothing to do with it. Scientists believe the reason for this nighttime penile flexing is simply to maintain tissue health through pumping oxygenated blood (about 4-and-a-half ounces) through the vessels and tissues in the penis. Liiike doing your stretches without even having to try. Thanks Body! Since REM sleep happens just before you wake up, you often enter wakefulness with the lingering effects of your nocturnal erections, often called ‘morning wood’ or ‘morning glory’. Morning wood can make it tricky to pee in the morning since the urethra closes when your penis tissues or corpora cavernosa are full of blood. If you just wait a little while it will pass and you can enjoy a comfortable breakfast at the table with your family. The next erectile phenomenon is the Reflex Erection. This erection can occur in response to strong emotions like feeling angry, stressed or nervous, which seems like an outlandishly inappropriate response in such a situation. Another type of reflex erection could be caused by really needing to pee, because your bladder sits right over your prostate gland and can apply pressure on it when its full. But as discussed, an erection can make it difficult to pee, so good luck negotiating that vicious cycle… And of course there are the very normal Hormonal Erections experienced by every teenage boy as he grows into an adult, leading to an average of 11 potentially embarrassing moments each day. Puberty causes a surge of hormones that lead to these unexpected hard-ons that are unfortunately outside of their control. Again, they do not necessarily equate to sexual arousal and are just a healthy part of growing and lengthening penile tissues. So I suppose in a scientific and anatomical sense, they’re not so much comical as impressive, and a sign of greater things to come. This video is presented by Jayde Lovell, Directed by Mizanur Rahman and Edited by Sarita Liu at Youtube Space NY. SOURCES

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