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Jake Paul - Vines Compilation January/2017

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Thank you for the support over the past 3 years. ❤❤ GO WATCH WHAT HAPPENED NEXT ON MY YOUTUBE Tv inception Smart people be like Girls trying to understand guys like.. (w: Neels Visser & Logan Paul & Amanda Cerny & Alissa Violet & JUANPA ZURITA ) NO ONE IS SAFE (w: Tessa Brooks & Alexandre Lange & Jacob Sartorius ) When guys see a girl who can dance... W: Tessa Brooks & Lucas and Marcus It all just sounds like... Alissa Violet How this song was made... (Aj Mitchell & Neels Visser & Lucas and Marcus & Alissa Violet ) How this song was made.. (W: Alissa Violet, & Lucas and Marcus , & Aj Mitchell, & Neels Visser ) When you hear someone who can sing w: Aj Mitchell Trying to understand girls like (w: Neels Visser & Alissa Violet ) Big fan of Weekday Listening to songs... When you see yourself in a movie & get excited Trying to be cute on Valentine's Day : GONE WRONG (w: Alissa Violet ) 2 Quick scenes from my movie "Dance Camp" which came out today! This is YouTube's first ever movie! I play the bad guy Dancing alone VS. with friends (w/ Neels Visser & Lucas and Marcus ) The moment you become single... (w/ Alissa Violet ) Driving alone VS. driving with friends (w: Neels Visser & Lucas and Marcus ) Going to a party alone VS. with your friends (w/ Neels Visser & Lucas and Marcus ) Best friends greeting VS. Friends greeting. (W/ Neels Visser ) The hardest whip of 2015 When you're drake af... Literally... (W/ Neels Visser ) When you and your homies hood jam comes on in traffic (w/ Neels Visser, Alissa Violet ) I like snow❄ When your jam comes on at the car wash... Emojis in real life No Music Vs. Music (w/ Alissa Violet, George Janko ) Music Vs. No Music Turkeys Vs. Native & Pilgrim (w/ Alissa Violet, George Janko, Lance210, Adin Kolansky ) When it's thanksgiving and your jam comes on... (w/ George Janko, Adin Kolansky ) When bae says she's home alone... The dumb excuses you make so you don't have to do something... (w/ Lucas and Marcus ) How it feels to look at your phone at night... When your jam comes on at a cross walk... When your jam comes on in traffic... Pt. 2 (w/ Cameron Dallas, Lucas and Marcus ) When sexual music comes on at the grocery store... Adin Kolansky WUUZZZUUUPP (w/ Curtis Lepore, Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso, KingBach, Alissa Violet, Christian DelGrosso, Lucas and Marcus, Twan ) Athletic refrigerator... dontprankcallme (w/ Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons ) That person who's always late... stoplying ( w/ Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons ) The excuses you make when someone wants to hangout... (w/ Aaron Carpenter ) When you tryna be a singer... ( w/ Stanaj ) When you and your best friends jam comes on in the car... Pt3 ( w/ Lucas and Marcus ) How to get away with robbing a car pt2... (w/ Lucas and Marcus, Logan Paul, Alissa Violet ) Girls... Pt 2 when moms start ranting (w/ Lucas and Marcus ) Almost got away with talking smack elevatorproblems... (w/ George Janko ) Substitutes... Girls When you can't get into a party... (w/ Curtis Lepore, Mark Dohner, JoJoe, Alissa Violet ) Deciding to do homework VS. having to do homework Dance battles: Expectation vs. reality... (w/ Lucas and Marcus, George Janko, Alissa Violet ) Drake hands... (w/ Lucas and Marcus, Taylor caniff, Aaron Carpenter ) When your jam comes on in the grocery store... notagain (w/ Lucas and Marcus ) When you and your homies hood jam comes on... (w/ Lucas and Marcus ) Whippin Za' Fat remix... Deciding to clean Vs. being told to clean... How to frame your friend when you break something... (w/ Ethan Dolan ) How to fight a whole squad... (w/ Logan Paul, Lance210, Brandon Bowen, Mark Dohner ) Lazy remix Modern day traffic jams... (w/ Logan Paul, Brandon Bowen, Piques, Adin Kolansky ) How to deal with that one friend... (w/ George Janko ) When your friends wi-fi is better then yours... (w/ Twan Kuyper ) Virtual girlfriend problems... ProjectMorpheus PlayStation Dallas, Texas Country (w/ Cameron Dallas ) The foreshadowing murderer... (w/ Cameron Dallas Two quarters = ? When your jam comes on in traffic Never have I ever... (w/ Christian DelGrosso, Curtis ) Whippin cakes Logan Paul Just hanging out... Literally (w/ Grayson Dolan, Ethan Dolan ) No one is actually laughing when they type this... (W/ Grayson Dolan, Ethan Dolan ) My love life in 6 seconds... (w/ Logan Paul ) The best delivery manCoca-Cola w/ Krazy Remi How this song was made... ( Christian DelGrosso, Marcus Johns ) Sometimes you have to lie... (w/ Curtis ) Boyfriends: Expectations vs. Realty (w/ Marcus Johns, Christian DelGrosso ) Us at party's... foodislife (w/ Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan ) The things we do for service... (w/ Josh Peck, Logan Paul ) Don't talk smack... (w / Grayson Dolan, Ethan Dolan )

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