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i come to you in pieces | mako&korra

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OKAY. I would have had this up yesterday but I was in another state with very limited internet and I just got home today, so I went and finished this up and fkhkfkhkfkhfkhf GUYS. GUYS. This finale. It was everything - EVERYTHING - I wanted it to be. The amazing battles. Amon/Noatak and Tarrlok's pasts that made me bawl. Korra losing her bending. Makorra being fucking endgame. Korra in the Avatar State. AANG. LIN GETTING HER BENDING BACK. ALL OF IT. I JUST CANNOT. This may be my favorite finale for Avatar yet, if not directly tied with or else behind Sozin's Comet. It was just awesome. So awesome. I was not disappointed at ALL. I do have to say though - Noatak and Tarrlok's murder/suicide? HOLY. CRAP. That was so brutal for a kid's show. SO. BRUTAL. This is not a kid's show. Not like that. I just... WOW. I couldn't even cry the first time I watched it I was so shocked. Now that I'm at home and watching it again it just kills me. Kills me. That lone tear that came down Noatak's face? It broke my heart. Tarrlok, I used to hate you. Now I have some pretty intense love for you and Amon (who I already loved anyway but lol). I'm so glad Makorra was endgame. I was SCREAMING when the "I love you's" and the kiss happened. SCREAMING. Which was in sync with the gross sobbing I was doing at seeing Aang and Korra going into the Avatar State and Korra getting her bending back. And then Tenzin saying "Avatar Korra." AVATAR. KORRA. I think I sobbed the hardest there for... I don't know what reason. It just killed me. This whole finale KILLED me. But yes - Makorra is endgame. Nothing hurts. Masami is over and done with and Asami can hopefully find happiness with Bolin or Iroh. I love both, so I don't really care who gets her, so long as they're all happy. I love all of them. Can I take a moment to appreciate the Lieutenant please? I hope he's still alive.. AND MAKO ELECTROCUTING AMON I CAN'T FKHKFHKF. AND AMON GOING OUT THE WINDOW. KORRA AIRBENDING. FAVE SEQUENCES RIGHT THERE. Also, Yakone is a COMPLETE ASSHOLE. He corrupted both Noatak AND Tarrlok and it broke my heart. I am absolutely saddened by their deaths... and that it took Tarrlok blowing them both up for it to happen. Tarrlok gets a medal of appreciation for me. I admire and respect him for that. It must have taken a lot of courage. He hurt my baby Korra, but I think I've forgiven him for it. That act... it... I'm in tears thinking about it. Might be making some Noatak and Tarrlok vids because these two give me feels. Info is at the end of the vid. -goes to sob-

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