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A MILLION TO ONE ~ Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts (1960)

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"A Million To One" ~ Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts (recorded in 1958 - charted in 1960) Promo Records #1002 (New York City, New York) (flip side of "Hop Scotch Hop") "A MILLION TO ONE" was originally recorded in 1958, but for whatever the reason may be, it didn't gain any popularity until 1960. Other examples of delayed popularity includes : "THERE'S A MOON OUT TONIGHT" by The Capris, though recorded in 1958 , it didn't become popular until 1961. Another was , "RAMA LAMA DING DING" by The Edsels, recorded in 1958, but also, un-noticed until 1961 and The Mello Kings "TONIGHT, TONIGHT", though released in 1957, it made no real "noise" until 1960-61 either . In many instances, disc jockey, Art Laboe and his "OLDIES, BUT GOODIES" records albums helped to bring this popularity around. "TONIGHT, TONIGHT" , for example, was featured on volume #1 of the "Oldies But Goodies" collection, when the song suddenly became very popular. Jimmy Charles performed A MILLION TO ONE on Dick Clark's AMERICAN BANDSTAND on Monday- July 4, 1960. The song first hit the charts on August 22, 1960, stayed there for 15 weeks , & peaked at #5 .

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