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Censor Me [Official Lyric Video]

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The single from Trace's 2nd mixtape "Sorry, Not Sorry" expected to release late 2017 FOLLOW TRACE: Facebook - "why the fuck you grabbin me?" they a couple and i want his bitch so i tell em that our president told us to always grab em by the pussy he tries to push me, so i break his fucking jaw then i take his bitch back to my crib and fuck her raw she gets me off, the same way the judge did when he let me off for driving drunk public endangerment, whatever you say it is whatever you sayin bitch, i dont wanna hear it my rhymes are the work of the devil himself, take a bible scripture, any one, and mirror it im the polar opposite of what good is what the fuck you gon' do to a masochist i get pleasure out of pain, but i dont slit wrists i only slit throats of whack rappers who talk shit, like this im a lil fucked up(x4) they said, you could never make it so just hang it up this crown is mine for the taking so imma take it, uh get your head outta the clouds its time to come back now its time to keep your feet on the ground no you, cant, stop, me, now they try to censor me, like the FCC fuck, bitch, slut, cunt, you cant bury me ill say what i want, ill climb to the top you think your 2 steps infront of me but youre not, youre gonna drop i swear like a sailor, but i aint about to be called a fuckin seaman like my girls exboyfriend, even he wants me, he be beggin me to seap it i dont have haters, only fans who havent seen this mixtape thats album quality, except im a broke bitch i cant afford it but why cant i make it big, i mean look, whitey ford did im just a pissed off rapper who hasnt made it yet dont get it twisted, or imma twist ya fuckin neck i dont take Ls, only take accompishments and until the topic is "Trace making moves" i dont want no talking, bitch and i cant forget that sketch be in this shit with me we aint gangsters but our gangster rap is even better then 50's no disrespect to curtis if you heard this, youd probably agree that our rhymes and our flow is murderous Mileys going back to looking like a good fuck, but the demon that was in her went to katy perry now, but that bitch has got more junk in her trunk then an entire garbage truck, id still get my dick sucked ## how the fuck do people like future make it big the dude cant even speak proper english, he cant fucking rap or sing you aint even understand a damn word he say "but i got a hard beat so all you stupid fucks pay" you idiots keep making idiots famous for reasons so wrong like that danielle bitch for being a fucking bitch to her mom and no, i aint even done imma hit the chorus, go off in this verse, kill you, and then end the song take a hit off the bong, you lookin kinda stressed i mean, stressed like britney spears in 2007 ive broken so many bars and now that i am breaking bad, youd think im on the streets slinging metham- phetamine, let a homie breathe, i got these homos and homophobes all over me no paparazzi im still an underground underappreciated underrated MC thats bound to make it but until im selling out stadiums like im destined to, imma pull a Shaun Morgan and fake it imma make you take this, download it and replay this like a fucking rapist, i inserted myself in to the game fuck what you lames claim, im staking my claim you aint fuck with trace, cause you aint in a body bag i bodied this track, you know its a fact i got what it takes to make it in rap so cut the fuckin act labels, where the fuck you at?! vocals produced by: Turkish Delight Lyric Video made by Defendry (Deuce Army) Follow his youtube channel HERE: https://m./channel/UCJ_yM7fisuPQiik3Y7aKgnA?view_as=subscriber

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