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Do It For The Kids (Mike Mix) - Blink 182

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Uploading the full Do It For The Kids remix album. 1. Obvious Action 2. Do It For The Kids 3. Drunk Sincerity 4. BoxCar 5. Forever and After 6. The War(Inside Out) 7. When Your Heart Stops Beating 8. All Her Signals 9. Weatherman 10. I Don't Wanna Know! 11. Blink 12. Do It For Me Now 13. Always 14. Think Of Me 15. Should I 16. Adam's Song 17. It's Not Right 18. Just Hold On 19. Elevator 20. This Can't Be The End 21. The Adventure Trance 22. Stay Together For The Kids 23. No It Isn't 24. I Fell Behind 25. Jack and Sally 26. Let's Do some More 27. Valkyrie Missle 28. Little Death 29. Angels and Airwaves 30. Lycanthrope 31. They Gave More 32. Machine Meltdown 33. Make You Smile (For The Kids) 34. Think Of Me (With Distortion) 35. I'm Lost Without A Little More Love 36. I'm Here, Hold On! 37. Stockholm Syndrome 38. Do It For The Kids (Reprise) 39. Reckless For You

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