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Appreciations - I Can't Hide It - Aware CP 1066 (45s)

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Start Bidding @ https://"No, No, No" is just perfect for now! Again the exceptional vocal synergy pulls you into a seamless harmony performance, with the beseeching lead vocal. serving up anguish, despair and pain so convincing with his near falsetto pleas. Two killers on one very elusive disc. This is Northern Soul collecting at it's most provocative. Vocal-group Northern Soul which again underlines how much extreme "Soul" talent in the USA never attained the success their work deserved. This is not only a NS most-wanted, it is also in Rarest Of The Rare condition.. Check the condition report, you will not ever have the chance to acquire a finer copy. Condition Report as you can see both those enticing yellow labels are spotless. The vinyl is equally unblemished, this 45 could quite well be the finest example on Planet earth. As near to Mint as it gets. Start Bidding @ https://" Disco” & 45s, Soul & Jazz Lp's & CDs, SoulGroup Harmony 45's, Tamla Motown 45's, Southern & Deep Soul, 60's R&B plus Ska & Reggae. We also carry collectable Rock vinyl of all genres. This is an ever-changing stock of rare and collectable vinyl with many additions added daily. From our 37 years experience, we produce world-renowned concise Price Guides for both USA release and UK release rare soul 45s. In artist & label order, fully listings A & B sides, Label and Label numbers, with accurate current values. We pride ourselves on same day despatch for all orders received by 15:00 hrs. This website is updated at least five times a day. Buy with confidence, no hassle guarantee with full refund option if returned within 30 days for any purchase you are not delighted with. Two rules only, the item returned must be the exact same item we sent you, in the condition, we dispatched it in and returned in original packaging we dispatched it in. Unfortunately we DO NOT under any circumstances refund OR PART REFUND on NON-RETURNED GOODS. No hassle guarantee on all purchases, for any reason whatever, please just follow the guidelines above. Pyramid 11 Appreciations - I Can't Hide It - Aware CP 1066 (45s)

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