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Brian Aragon - The Legend of Rollerblading [MUST SEE!]

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++READ OUR ROLLERBLADING BLOG HERE: https:///blog/ Brian Aragon is the best in the world in the category of rollerblading Brian Aragon (Denver, September 27, 1983) is an agressive Inline Skater. He started aggressive skating in his early childhood in the skatepark infront of his home. His father helped him to progress in the sport competitions and took hem to buy new skates when he needed them. When Brian was 16 he started winning competitions and has recorded some videos with some of the most important skaters of that time, Brian got its thanks to sponsors 'Jug and Razors'. Later, thanks to all the sponsors Brian could go to all competitions and only 22 was proclaimed world champion in the World Rolling Series. Since then Brian did not stop winning competitions and videos where you could see the improvement every year. In 2010 he was 2nd in the World Rolling Series in 2011 and 1st in the world rankings. :) NOTICE: I Do not own the rights of these clips. This video is only a mashup of sick videos. All rights go to Razors skate co. . Original videos: https://"Rollerblading Contest Teaser 2018 | Skatepark Wetzikon" https://

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