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Ways I Was "Too Healthy" for my Own Good (Part 2)

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HELLO HONEY!!!!! Today is PART 2 of the video for things I do "in the name of health" that really took a toll on my well being. Being "healthy" means a holistic (whole) view on your lifestyle, including your relationships. Your relationships to others, to yourself, towards food, towards the environment, and EVERYTHING. As I said in the video I just wanted to state AGAIN that this is just personally me, my experience, and things I have learned to benefit my body and well being. As I grow and learn more things about myself, my views on health and being your best self have also changed and adapted. SOOO I wanted to share these things as I discover them myself in case anyone else is in a similar situation/ experience. Leave a comment down below if you want a video on my lessons learned on Body Image!! Body Image Therapist on IG: https://(plant based food inspiration, self-love wellness tips, and my face) Email: christieiphone1@ My channel usually consists of something related to Veganism, health and wellness, being a college student, and LIVING YO BEST LIFE BABE :) Thank you so much for watching this video, it means so much to me! Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss my future uploads! Leave a comment down below with any suggestions, I LOVE to hear from you guys!! Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can also DM me on IG or email me

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