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Don't Forget About...Me; Nemi Story ep. 42 Dream

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sorry I haven't uploaded for a long time ___________________________ Nick paces back and forth, Joe's head pops into the room. "What's wrong?" was all he said as he walked in. "I can't tell her, at least not now." Nicks says as he bites his nail. Joe raises his eyebrow, "Ok. I'm guessing you are talking about Demi so I am only going to tell you once. Tell her now! The sooner the better. Sure she'll hate you for lying to her about her past and that you are her best friend when in reality, you guys were never friends to begin with. Just tell her." Nick stares into space for a while then looks back at Joe with a blank look in his face. "No, I'm not going to. Not yet a least. I need to think of a way of how to tell her anyway." He sits. "Don't say I didn't warn you." Joe said as he walked out. Nick just ignored him. That night Demi was fast asleep. She was having a dream, but this dream seemed so realistic, almost as if she had been through it already. In her dream she was standing alone in front of a movie theater with her jacket pest against her chest. Her eyes were burning red, slowly she took deep breathes and held in small cries. Soon after she began walking down the road with the only sound of her heels hitting the hard street. She saw street lights up ahead and next to the light pole was a hobo with a cup in his hands. "Change." he said as she past him. She felt a lump in her throat "I'm sorry I don't have anything with me." she managed to say and continued walking. She felt someone following her; she turned around and saw the man from the light pole behind her. "Are you following me?" She asked him and for some odd reason he just turned around and sat back down next to the pole. She hadn't realized she was standing next to a puddle until a car passed by and splashed it all over her, and with that her real tears were camouflaged by the water all over her face as she cussed at Joe, Nick, and Selena under her breath. And with that she awoke from her dream, or as she remembered, a flashback of the day she was forgotten. TO BE CONTINUED _____________________ Hope you liked it comment if you want please excuse any mistakes I don't own Videos or music UPDATE: for those who are asking the song is a cover by Ariana Grande

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