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CQB / MILSIM ? Multi field airsoft game | CAPTURED

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!!TURN ON CC!! CQB / MULTI FIELD / MILSIM game that Ive never played before. Tons of fun and great players. That was the day on 2 game fields. Trailer to this video was pretty damn epic, inspired by MI: Fallout . Check it OUT! : https://(normal playing) cards off of enemy players. 10 of these cards could be exchanged for a bag of diamonds - points, which are counted up at the end of the game. There are two teams, with objectives interlacing between two fields, so communication is vital Going by codename "daddy yankee", I am destined to be captured mid game so the other team can get some points and spice up the game. These points wont come cheap though, as I sure can put up a struggle! The last part of the game took in the second field, we were there for about 25 minutes, but I got lucky and managed to build up a quite the killstreak ...finishing the game strong Special thanks to : @101DIVISIONAIRSOFTVALENCIA @campoairsoftalcatraz for creating one of the most interesting games Ive played. Your dad follows me on Instagram...ARE YOU?! : https://

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