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Colorful & Rugged IDAHO - a 4K Travel Guide

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Our 4k tour of Idaho, a land of mountains, wilderness, and outdoor recreation.    For Stock Footage of this video or any of our videos contact Info@ Idaho is a colorful state, from the  gorgeous oaks along the Salmon River to the distinctive blue football field of Boise State.  We  start in Idaho Falls, and travel west along the Rugged Snake River to Twin Falls and  the amazing Shoshone Falls & Perrine Bridge,  near where Evil Kanevil attempted his jump over the Canyon. We then travel to the State Capitol where the Boise River runs along the Boise State Campus.     Heading north from Boise to the mountains along the Payette River popular for tubing & Rafting. , then a the scenic drive of Rt 97 along the waterfront ending at beautiful Cour d'Alene.   So Journey with us enjoying Gods creation as we explore Colorful &Rugged, Idaho. For more info see https:/// So as you plan your Spring, Summer, & Fall Getaways, heres a suggestion  Idaho.  So many people especially in the east do no realize how beautiful this state is.  We drove from Bozeman Mt to Idaho Falls mostly at night, this is a mistake, because it is an incredibly beautiful drive.  We start with the Snake River in Idaho Falls in what is known as the Greenbelt, a system of trails with parks and waterfall in Idaho Falls https://

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