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Thrifty Rental Car bad experience

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We got stuck at JFK in New York City on July 2nd. We needed to get home to Rochester, NY, about a 6 hour drive. I went to Hotwire and got a car from JFK to ROC for $148.65, and we scurried to the Thrifty counter to pick up the car. The Thrifty lady at the counter at JFK was very helpful and I told her our flight was cancelled and we need to drive the rest of the way to Rochester. No problem. She got me the one day rental on a nice car and we were off. We arrived the next day in Rochester and then the fun started. I went to the Thrifty counter at the Rochester airport and was promptly told that this was not their car. They seemed impatient that I would try to return it to them. After much discussion I learned that they were not 'THAT' Thrifty, "they were a franchise location". Funny, the logo and sign looked the same to me! How would I know? They suggested that I return the car to Hertz. Log story short, The Hertz manager manually wrote up a return ticket for the car and promised to work thru the paperwork later to complete the return. Whew, it took a while, but I was done! WRONG! Two days later I get a robo-call telling me to return the car or it will be reported as stolen. Nice. I called and told them my car return story and that seemed to satisfy them. Good, that should put it to bed. BUT WAIT... a few weeks later I get my credit card bill. Remember Hotwire quoted me $148.65 to rent the car from JFK to ROC. My Thrifty rental agreement says the same thing. Problem is my credit card was charged $339.53! What the heck is this? I called Thrifty and waited thru the menus, holds, and forwards that are all too 'normal' now in customer service. I asked about the discrepancy and was told that I was charged an additional $150 drop charge for leaving the car at a location different than where I picked it up. I had two problems with that. One: That was the deal both when I quoted the rental on Hotwire and again at the Thrifty rental counter; pick up at JFK and return at ROC. Two: how does $148.65 plus $150 become $339.53? We talked for a long time and the customer service rep kept suggesting that this was all normal. That the price on my receipt was an 'estimate'. That I should have known about the $150 drop fee. She then started her mantra of "I cannot reimburse the drop fee". She asked me if she could help me with anything else. Apparently SHE was done with my primary concern. This is a recording of the last part of our phone call.

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