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Danger Ep 7 lolena

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Ok as you can see, I am going back to description. I have missed doing this so much. I love writing it like this way better. I figured out video's just aren't for me. I really hope no one is mad. --- Selena's POV I gave Logan a kiss on his cheek. I don't know why, but I just had a feeling that I should. He was really sweet today. Some of the things he said made me really think. Maybe it was just the adrenaline kicking in and made him say it, but the way he said it almost scared me, almost like he had some feeling for me. I didn't care at all that they were vampires because I am a wizard. It actually felt really nice knowing we weren't the only immortals here. We can have a stronger bond because we are going through the same things kind of. We may not be normal, but hey, normal is boring. Today was the day we needed to practice. I had no idea where it was so we all had to meet at the Lerman's house. I dressed in a pair of ripped, yet cute jeans. My shirt was a simple purple V-neck, the perfect training outfit. I practically skipped down the stairs almost colliding with Demi. "Whoa there Skippy, what's with the excitement?" Demi asked while walking to the door. "I'm a happy person get over it." I said right behind her. She laughed with sarcasm, "you weren't a very happy person yesterday. That is until Logan got in the picture." I smacked her on the head, "You know they could hear you. Vampires have very good hearing." She didn't look like she believed me so she made a deal with me. She would yell something and if they asked any questions about it she would have to clean dishes for a week. If they didn't hear her, than I had to clean her room. That is what we did. We were dorks betting on stupid stuff, but it is still fun. No one likes doing chores, not even immortals. She stood about twenty feet from the house and yelled, "Selena and Demi are wearing pink bras." I looked at her weirdly. Really, is that really the best she could think of? I was really starting to hope they didn't have super hearing because if they heard that I think I might die. I wasn't even wearing a pink bra. As for Demi, who knows? We walked through the front door not even knocking. The living room was full with our family and theirs. The only person not there was Vanessa. She is always running late. She has a policy saying she wouldn't leave the house without looking her best. Even if we went to the gym she has some sort of beauty item on. About ten minutes later she came and we all had to start for the woods. Since we didn't know where exactly we were going, we couldn't teleport. Plus, the walk there would take us all day so the Lerman's agreed on carrying us. Demi, V, and I were fine with it. It was the guys who thought it was awkward. I was paired up with Logan which I was happy about. I really didn't want Ashley or Miley carrying me and all the guys I didn't know as much as Logan. He picked me up bridal style, but I didn't feel like that today. I made him put me down. "I want a piggy back." I pouted. He rolled his eyes, "You are such a two-year old. If I give you a piggyback then you could fall off easier. See my way meant I was blocking you from flying back. Get it?" I nodded my head slowly. I did understand and it did make sense, but I still pouted a little. I crossed my arms across my chest. He picked me up again and started walking towards the woods. "So a pink bra?" he said smirking. I felt my face get hot. A part of me was happy because I won the bet, but the other was screaming I want to die! I buried my head in his shoulder so he couldn't see and he took off running in the woods. I wanted to look to see how fast it really was, but Logan said it would give me in instant headache. I couldn't wait till we got there because then I could rub it in Demi's face that I won. I love to win. Hope you like it and please comment on if you want description or video. I feel like I get more comments when I do the box so I may keep it. Or is it just that no one likes this series? It's confusing when you guys don't comment ha-ha.

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