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Cheers for SAD BJP amidst fault lines

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While on the face of it, there is much to cheer for the SAD and BJP on municipal election results. In fact, one newspaper reporter has been quick to surmise that the results prove that there is no "anti-incumbency" in the state! Little do such analysts realise that municipal polls, which are primarily fought on issues of development at the local level are never a test of party-wise political supremacy. People yarning for development at local level would rather go for the party in power than for the Opposition. In fact, what should worry the SAD-BJP combine is why despite developmental issues so many people voted - nearly 40 per cent - for the Opposition? Also, what should be scrutinised is why so many seats - about 30 per cent - have gone to Independents? Are these Independents actually AAP candidates by proxy since that party did not contest? Also, there are other indicators from the polls. One, out of 122 seats, in as many as 46 Akali Dal and 7 BJP candidates have won independently and without an alliance. This indicates the large number of seats - nearly half - on which the two parties did not contest as an alliance. The seats on which they won as an alliance are only 28. This shows the state of the coalition between the two parties in the state. Though the SAD did remarkably in Majha area, the BJP win in Tarn Taran, where a fight had broken out, speaks volumes of the lack of bonhomie between the two parties. Yes, the polls have once again underlined the state of the Congress - not because of the number of seats it won (as I said the people had no reason to vote for it) but because of the infighting that came to the fore. As far as PPP is concerned, the party needs a serious rethink. But, as I said, on the face of it, there is a reason for the SAD-BJP to cheer. The win will also help the SAD-BJP combine to take up developmental issues on a war footing to get mileage for the 2017 Vidhan Sabha polls. But if they don't look deep within at the fault-lines that have emerged, it will be at their own peril.

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