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HELLO! A lot of people have been asking for a merch store for a while now and thanks to my bro Daniel it finally happened! :D I displayed some of the items in the video above, but you can find more items with different colors on the actual site. We will probably be adding more designs in the future as well :) Some of these items are quite expensive.. Why? Well that's because it costs a lot to make the shirt, hoodie, phone case or whatever.. I get a tiny tiny tiny amount of that money. Most of it goes to . (The guys who produce the merch) and there is nothing i can do about that :P NOTE: Not all of the items are tested, so please contact me if you experience something weird or if anything isn't as expected. Even though everything should be working perfectly fine! :) Thank you for watching / reading and i will see you again soon with new music :D MERCH STORE LINK - https://shop./Vexento

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