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Tales of the Abyss - 66 - Boss: Kaiser Dist RX (Unknown)

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*Read description first* BEFORE YOU FIGHT, BUY 5 MACES FROM THE MERCHANT OUTSIDE THE INN. Luke - Lvl. 81 Tear - Lvl. 80 Jade - Lvl. 81 Anise - Lvl. 82 The party is just in time in warning St. Binah about its eventual fall to Mudworld. Dist is just in time to screw things up with a new robot, however. Key Notes: Kaiser Dist RX - HP: 140000 - This machine is just like its previous version except that it hits harder. Like before, fonic artes are more effective against it, especially water fonic artes. - I had to knock out all my party except for Jade to prevent a screw up for my stat training. Jade has the Tutti C. Core equipped so that he only levels up. After the fight, the robot causes the main gate to collapse, seemingly cutting off the way to save six people (apparently there are more off-screen). Without any means to save the residents, Guy tells the party that Sheridan is running flight experiments. The party hurries to Sheridan to save St. Binah's residents. Comments: - Elder McGover still reminds me of Santa Claus. Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.

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