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Feedback Sunday - addressing comments & concerns

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Today, instead of touching on a new subject, I am going to discuss your views that you have expressed on the Facebook and through e-mail to me. I will not be able to discuss all the views expressed but will take up at least a few of these. Last week, I wrote about the poor education system in Punjab and how we need to learn a lesson from the Western countries, including the US. In response, Rupinder Dhanoa, who is a software engineer in San Francisco, USA, has said that the system in two different countries can't be compared. He has mentioned how even in US, the places where the local taxes, including property tax, were high, the education system was good and in places where the property tax was low, schools were miserable. Thanks for the valuable input. I agree. All that I am saying is that like in the West, we need to invest big time in our government schools - whatever that takes. Arunjeev Singh, who is a Barrister in New Zealand, is disappointed with our mainline political parties like the Congress, BJP and the BSP. He has great hopes in Aam Aadmi Party. He also feels that it is time to change over to the Presidential system of Government. Well, that can definitely be considered but such a demand will have to come from the Parliament. I wonder if the people are yet ready for such a change. From Down South, Kulwinder Bajwa, who lives in Sydney has expressed alarm at the drug menace in Punjab. He wants organisations like The Tribune to join in efforts to eradicate this problem, which is eating into the vitals of the Punjab polity. Sure, we will try our best. Referring to The Tribune investigations into the business dealings of the companies owned by Badal-Majithia-Kairon parivar with Punjab Government, Amandeep Singh in an email recalled how the CM, PS Badal, had faced similar charges in 1970s when Justice Chhangani Commission had indicted him. That is important input. One needs to check if the allegations then have any resemblance with the ones now. I know there have been many more comments which I can't take up for paucity of time and space. Cheers for now!

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