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[YDS Contest] Still I Fly.

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Hey guys c: So I never actually thought I would be able to make this on time so I had a diversion plan, as I was supposed to be editing to Alpha by Periphery but I ran out of motivation, and ended up doing this instead. After the contest though, I plan on making this into a full AMV. Also for once I've started editing with text again, as some time ago people kept telling me the text was distracting, and then people told me I should use text otherwise it's too boring, so I'm trying to work on it being able to fit with the scenes instead of being distracting, so I hope that worked... For the contest itself, we were allowed to edit anything we wanted, just as long as it was anime, so I guess doing this video would be alright, but it's still as crappy as usual, sorry xD Safe to say I didn't really have any inspirations for this video, I went with my own ideas and effects, however didn't get to finish the everlasting chorus in time, but I did the main bit. I had to work pretty quickly on this as I'm away all next week as it's my birthday on the 11th, so I have to spend it with my family. However I should still be on skype occasionally so you can message me there :P Anyway, enjoy! Info: Song: Still I Fly (cover) Artist: Spencer Lee (covered by Kurt Hugo Schneider, Macy Kate and Austin Percario) Program: SVP13 Animes: Hibike! Euphonium, Your Lie in April, Kyoukai no Kanata, Clannad, Tamako Love Story, Madoka Magica, Angel Beats. I own nothing but the editing.

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