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{ i come to you in pieces }

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so you can make me w h o l e. -- anyways if you watched this vid all the way through, wow i luv you tbh [it's quite long i know, but this song kinda has more of an impact when it's all there so c=] ahhh shenko my number 1 gaming otp... they totally killed me!!! "what would i do with you?" "you'll never find out." i cry seriously... aaaand ofc i'll be back to doing more anime stuff but i'm stuck in a mass effect funk and its probs bc i started modding lmao c'= [and the andromeda trailer came out... HYPE HYPE HYPE] pls bear with me !! okok back to the info time lmao game; mass effect 1-3 pairing; kaidan x shepard/shenko song; https://

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