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Harrisburg fights blight

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By: Lara Greenberg HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The city is laying out its plan to take down a dangerous eyesore. A home on Crescent Street was brought down because of water, according to code enforcement officer Dave Patton. While part of it dangles dangerously, city crews are preparing to take it all down. "A week or so ago, we suddenly heard 'boom boom ba boom' like it was falling down," neighbor Antonia Bray said. "There's a likelihood it could come out in the street and affect the public right away," code enforcement officer, Dave Patton, said. Bray lives just a few homes away and says the house has been a problem for a while and worries it will cause other homes to decay. Patton says because it's attached to other homes, it will be more difficult to demolish. The home has been empty since 2009. There are 18 other vacant, blighted properties on Crescent Street alone. The demolition isn't expected to start until next week and city officials say it will probably take about two weeks to tear it down.

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