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South Korea boat sinking: passengers told 'don't move'

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New reports say passengers aboard the capsized South Korean ferry were told to stay in place as water levels began to rise and the ship began to sink into the ocean. "Don't move," a voice warned, according to a recording obtained by CNN affiliate YTN. "If you move, it's dangerous. Don't move." Some witnesses say they suspect the announcement may have cost some passengers on the ferry Sewol their lives. "Kids were forced to stay put," one survivor told CNN affiliate YTN, "so only some of those who moved survived." Rescuers are continuing to search the waters for nearly 300 people who remain unaccounted for. Some of those who jumped from the vessel or made their way to the top of the ship were rescued. Passengers were pulled from the water by rescuers who raced to the scene on fishing boats and military vessels. Helicopter crews airlifted other passengers from the deck. Seven have been confirmed dead, officials said Thursday.

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