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URBEX; Gin Head Radar Research Station, East Lothian,

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East of North Berwick in East Lothian is a WW2 radar research and testing station which has been unrecognised for its important work in April and May of 1944 prior to the D Day Landings in France, It was here that experiments with captured German radar would develop equipment which would block the German radar at Normandy and other equipment was developed which showed up massive movement of ships heading for the Pas de Calais which would deceive the German High Command into thinking that it was the main Allied invasion, Due to this equipment many Allied lives would have been saved, They also tested the use of a procedure called 'Window', that involved throwing bundles of aluminium strips out of an aircraft in order to jam a radar station or to make a single bomber appear as a mass of aircraft. landings. In 1984 the site was sold to GEC Ferranti. They continued using it for the same purposes throughout the years of the Cold War until it was finally abandoned in 1994. It is now owned by a property developer awaiting planning consent... More info here;

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