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APH Prussia - Lilium [Full AMV]

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(I know. I wrote Lillium... *facepalm*) Hi~ I'm back from the dead with a new video~ I got my prussian flag a month ago and I have it on my wall next to my bed, reminding me to upload something Hetalia related on this channel lol. I'm not out of the fandom (that's just impossible ). This song is a cover from the opening of Elfen Lied. It is made by a German guy. When I heard the accent, I not only bawled my eyes out but also started to fangirl a lot thinking about Hetalia. Don't you think it could be Prussia singing it? I loved the idea tbh. Anyways~ I hope you like this video :) interpret it the way you like. Aaaand thank you so much for 800 subs! I don't deserve you guys why are you following this lazy ass I love you :') ❤ Disclaimer: The music and the images are not mine! song: Lilium cover by Kal12012 (THIS GUY IS AMAZING!) https://

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