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Tough Love (episode 13: hold on)

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(goodness, after you're done reading this, watch Miley's AMAZING performance! And you can watch it in HQ! What an improvement!) Miley Cyrus as Danielle Jones Nick Jonas as Kyle Benson Emily Osment as Hailey Jacobs Joe Jonas as Derek Benson Selena Gomez as Natalie Maraliss Vanessa Hudgens as Deanna Maraliss Kevin Jonas as James Benson Zac Efron as Zac Rodriguez Cody Linley as Brad Cummings Demi Lovato as Autumn Rodriguez Ashley Tisdale as Paige --------------------------------------- LAST TIME: Well, we found out more on Hailey being abused. Kyle forgave Danielle, but only for the past few days, not for everything. Zac and Deanna certainly hit it off. We learned that Zac has an adopted daughter Autumn, and that Nataies "mom" Deanna is hiding something from her. lets continue... -------------------------------------- Danielle: You OK? Natalie: *lying* Yeah, totally... Danielle: No your not. You're lying. Natalie: *sighs* I know, but... I'm just scared. With everything thats been going on lately, and now this, its just crazy! Danielle: *hugs her* I know. Natalie: And now I'm really worried about Hailey. Danielle: I am too, but we need to stop. This stress is getting out of hand and you really don't need it while you're in his codition. Natalie: But what if she dies? Danielle: *trying to b positive* Don't say that. She's a strong girl. She'll make it through this, I know she will. Natalie: Fine. I'll try. Better? Danielle: Much! *half smiles* Natalie: *yawns* Danelle: Tired? Natalie: *just nods* Daniele: Well I better let you rest. Bye. Natalie: *smiles* Bye. *she said while closing her eyes. OUT IN THE WAITING ROOM... Deanna: So how is she? Danielle: She's fine. She got her memory back but doesn't remeber who shot her. But now she's sleeping. Deanna: Oh, OK. Well, why don't you kids go have fun or something, I'll stay here. Kyle: Are you sure? Deanna: *nods* Yeah, you all deserve some fun. Danielle: OK. *they leave* Deanna: *walks into Natalies room and sits at the edge of the bed looking at Natalie* *sighs* If only you knew. I'm sorry sweetie. *kisses her forehead and sits in a chair near the bed and fallls asleep* WITH HAILEY... Hailey: *sleeping but is still tied up and blindefolded* MP: *walks in and yells* WAKE UP! Hailey: *getting pissed* What!? Havn't you tortured me enough!? MP: Not even close! Hailey: *rolls her eyes but he couldn't see because she was blindfolded* Considering all the hell you put me through, there's not much more you can do to me other then kill me. And I would rather be dead then stuck here with you. MP: Good! Cause I was planning on killing you today. Now get up! Hailey: I'm sorta tied up DUMBASS! MP: *getting mad and just yanks her up by her hair and drags her to the truck* Hailey*in alot of pain but not showing it* WITH ZAC... Zac: Hey Autumn, you ready to go home? Autumn: *happy* More like exstatic! No more stupid ospital! Zac: *smiles* Good, now come on. Autmn: Yay! *picks up her bags and they head out* Zac: *they were walking down the hall when they passed Natalies room and and he saw Deanna sleeping in a chair and stopped and just looked at her* Autumn: *noticed he stopped and follows his gaze* *thinks: She's pretty, I wonder if he likes her!? That would be so cool to finally have a mom!* Hey dad? Zac: *snaps out of it* Uh, yeah? Autumn: Do you know her? *points to Deanna* Zac: Sorta. I don't know her name though. Autumn: Yeah wel...*trying tohint to him* She's really pretty and looks about your age, huh? Zac: Yeah, she's 25. Autumn: You don't say. Do you have her number? Zac: Why? Autumn: *lying* Just asking. Zac: Too bad, not telling. Autumn: You're no fun. Zac: Oh is that so? Autumn: *nods* Mmm Hmm. Zac: *tickles her* Autumn: *laughs really loud* Deanna: *wakes up and se's Zac and she smiles* Zac: *sees Deanna's up and stops and smiles at her* Autumn: *sees them looking at each other* Well don't just stand here, go over there! Zac: Nosey! Autumn: I know. Zac: *walks over about halfway* Deanna: *walks over too* Hey! Zac: Hi. *awkward silence* Autumn: *runs over* Hi! Deanna: Oh, you must be Autumn. Autumn: *looks at Zac* So you tell her my name before you tell her yours? Rookie! Deanna: So true, I never caught your name. Zac: I'm Zac, and I never happened to get yours either. Deanna: Deanna. *smiles* Zac: You have a really pretty name. Deanna: *blushes and giggles* Thanks. Autumn: *thinks: YES! They're flirting!* Zac: Oh, well I guess we should get going. It was nice talking to you again. Deanna: You too. Zac: Bye. *begins walking down the hall and tuns around as he's walking* *poimts to himself, does the phone "xcall me" ting, then points to Deanna* (he's basically asking if he could call her* Deanna: *smiles and nods* Zac: *smiles back, turns around and leaves*

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