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THANK YOU FOR 90+ SUBSCRIBERS! ARTIST CREDITS!!!! freedomconvicted, life-writer, littleuvlar, quesozombie, kurzz, ofsparrows, skopps, willgrahamkun, kinomatika, nastjastark (DA), raggedystrider (DA), ineedanewtablet, japhers, zombiesfrommars, glowly, meadow-rue-art, tanatot, homosexualpancakes ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD also it has been mandated by the City Council that i stop making cecilos vids or i will be tossed into the dog park :V but what to do i i continue anyway but i couldnt finish it because my computer started oozing this strange gelatinous green goo from the keyboards and error messages started flashing on the screen with vague messages that may or may not be a threat against my person soooooo i had to stop (( no seriously i was getting frustrated with it and i had to stop before i punched a hole through my monitor so AHHH TAKE IT TAAAAAKE IT)) Song: DNA by Little Mix Podcast: Welcome to Night Vale

Вы смотрели видео онлайн по поисковой фразе DNA  |  CECILOS. Если найденное видео онлайн DNA  |  CECILOS Вам понравилось и Вы удовлетворили свои потребности киномана, можете поделиться впечатлениями ниже...

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