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Swati Full Length Movie . Swathi is a Telugu Drama Film Written, Directed and Produced by Kranthi Kumar. The film starred Suhasini, Bhanu Chander and Sharada in lead roles. Upon release the film received positive reviews and became instant hit at the box office. The film has received state Nandi Award for Best Feature film, two Filmfare Awards South, and was premiered at International Film Festival of India. The film was remade in Hindi with same name and in Kannada as Usha Swathi Plot : Swati(suhasini) lives with her mother who brought her up as a single mother and doesn't reveal about her husband.and so swathi thinks that her father is a cheater who has cheated her mother.her mother works as a nurse under doctor jaggaiah who is also a widower with a daughter.swati gets closer to chakro who is an unemployed graduate. Upon chakro's suggestion swathi gets her mother married to doctor jaggaiah but observes change in her mother's behaviour who feels embarrassed to introduce swathi as her daughter. so she leaves that house in the mean while she meets her biological father who is actually a very nice person but was a victim of ill fate. Finally swathi’s step sister gets married during which her biological father dies. Movie : Swati Cast : Suhasini, Bhanu Chander, Sharada, Kongara Jaggaiah, Sarath Babu, Aruna Mucherla, Rajendra Prasad, Rama Prabha, Samyuktha, Subhalekha Sudhakar. Cinematography : Hari Anumolu Edited by : Krishnam Raju Distributed by : Sri Kranthi Chitra Music by : K. Chakravarthy Producer & Directed by : Kranthi Kumar Release dates : 1984 SUBSCRIBE for Updates -

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