How to Make a Heart Shaped Mold with Tin Foil

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TRANSCRIPT: You will need: Tin foil. Thats pretty much it. First, take a long length of tin foil and fold the long edge back onto itself. You will want this fold to be about an inch in width, then continue folding until you have a long strip of foil. trim about half an inch off one of the ends and put this to one side, you will need this later. Then you want to fold the foil in half. This will make the bottom of the heart shape. Next, you will want to use a wine bottle or something with a circular base to bend the foil around. Bend around half of each section of foil towards the centre to form a rough heart shape. If you have excess foil, just trim this off with some scissors. Take the small piece of foil you trimmed earlier and open it out. Then wrap it around the two loose ends to tie them together. Or use a paperclip, thats probably easier, though I didnt think of that until after id filmed this. Anyway, You can now adjust your heart shape to make it look, well, more like a heart. Now you are ready to put whatever you want to be heart shaped into this. Im making pancakes, but you could also do this with eggs providing you use smaller heart shapes. You can decorate these heart shaped pancakes with berries or other fruit to make a really healthy and romantic looking breakfast, or you could just dump a shit load of nutella on it like I have. Thanks for watching, goodbye.

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