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||ONE PART LEFT|| SSO MEP - IDFC /DL: 18.03.17/ [20/21 Taken//7 DONE]

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Read Me :3 è-é ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ R U L E S (ENGLISH) 1. please do not put your name on your part 2.please use the right lyrics 3. if you want to be a backup, ask in the comments but you have to have the pass with your comment if that even makes any sense (i will also be taking backups after the mep closes) 4. cut your part good 5. use editing programs like sony vegas, after effects, or final cut pro 6. try your BEST :D 7. this isn't a first come first serve kind of thing :] 8. if i don't respond to your comment, you don't get a part 9. you need to be sure if you can finish your part 10. I can't accept any editor or recorder that will have a watermark showing on your final product. if you do have a watermark on your videos like bandicam, please crop it out 11. avoid cursors, people, lag, and place names (for example: steve's farm, valedale, firgrove etc.) 12. put a second after and before your part (don't end it with a black screen, just have the clips and font that you were using for an extra second) so i can add a transition in between parts :) 13. please do not use the same clips over and over again 14. no black bars unless it's an effect and will go away 15. pleaasseee do your best to follow the theme 16. please know that if the coloring of your part, doesn't match the theme as i would like it to, ill be slightly readjusting the coloring on your part 17. don't censor curse words cause i just like it that way :] 18. Use the raw or the fx style :D pssstttt pass: " I'm a waffle 8] " ```L Y R I C S``` : (and the password) Theme: Raw and Fx style ---- PARTSSS blblbl ----- Intro: M I N E Part 1 : Kao Ikimono Part 2 : Kao Ikimono Part 3 : Catalina Moonson (D O N E) : https://youtu.be/O1P9xyNPkF8 Part 4 : Gángster Celine Part 5 : Gángster Celine Part 6 : Elena Mountainnight Part 7 : Melinda Orangehaven Part 8 : xstilma Part 9 : Innuez Part 10 : Llum BellaTM Part 11 : Nova Graymountain Part 12 : Vivien Rainnest ツ Part 13 : MagicalNugget (D O N E): https://youtu.be/_xXtfy7GgXs Part 14 : Aяiлa Loшlээ Part 15 : Stina Produtnight (D O N E): https://youtu.be/ncyzRHYqVgE Part 16 : Ariader (D O N E) : https://youtu.be/2DFYkCsaIGM Part 17 : Alexandra Diamondbridge ( D O N E ): https://(D O N E): https://(D O N E): https://(Yes The part 21 is the 20 XD I wrote the wrong number in the editing c.c sorry) Part 21: DJcraft12 (D O N E): https://youtu.be/Fs8iqgEH4pk Outro : ?????? (If you get the outro,add "Thanks for watching") ENJOYYY :3

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