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Abandoned Green House : Abandoned Green Houses, Otto Greenhouse demolition, Drone footage

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Tomato Greenhouse Shut Down by EPA, NAFTA, Campbell Soup, FLOC and White Fly Home. Inspector Marko Vovk discovers a new ecosystem in the abandoned, and now shut down Otto greenhouses, caused by too much government and too much regulation. Many years ago, the Otto family employed many local people that lived in city of Ceylon Ohio which is located near Huron, Sandusky, and Vermillion. These local employees worked in many of the greenhouses cultivating plants, flowers, vegetables, and tomatoes. To understand why and what happened to the Ohio Tomatoes Greenhouse Farmers, one needs to look at all the problems, setbacks, and restrictions that have been plaguing the Ohio tomato industry for the last 40 years. It started in the 1970's with the Campbell Soup Company which began to purchase tomatoes from Mexico because they did not want to pay the higher tomato prices that resulted from the 1968 union formation of FLOC "The Farm Labor Organizing Committee", which required better wages and better living conditions for the migrant workers. Then the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency imposed coal fired boiler restricted sulfur dioxide emission policies which today are so stick that they are causing the shut down of many American coal-fired electric generation plants, and causing the layoffs of thousands of coal miners. It won't be long before your electric bill will be higher than your mortgage bill. Then came the tomato small "White Fly" ,which attacked the tomato plants throughout OHIO. The University scientists, professors, and Administrators were too slow in studying the White Fly, because they were too busy doing things that are more important like rewriting American history books and increasing collage tuition. Ffinally, the 1994 (NAFTA) North American Free Trade Agreement removed import tariffs on Mexico, permitting Mexico to now export 5 billion per year in vegetables including tomatoes and tomato pasts to the USA. It is no wonder why Ohio tomato farms went from 30,000 acres in the late 60's to less than 5000 acres in 2010. According to some sources from the internet, the Otto's, wanted to pump in free Lake Erie water to water their tomatoes instead of using the expensive city water. Allegedly, and according to the internet, a local plumber installed one of the pump pipe valves backwards which resulted in flooding hundreds of the residential basements causing major damage. When we spoke to one of the Otto family members about this event, they said that this story was not accurate. They stated that "the straw that broke the camels back" was it to took too long for the local University scientists to come up with methods to control the devastating white fly that was killing the tomato plants. As you can all see from this video, indoor greenhouse tomato farming shut down but Mother Nature is still alive and well. Foliage continues to grow so good that it outgrows the greenhouse roofs. Some of the trees growing through the glass roofs are already 18 inches in diameter. The greenhouse broken panes of glass permits rain entry, bird entry, vermin entry, mammal entry, bee entry, and insect entry. While in the green-houses, you could hear woodpeckers pecking, birds chirping and groundhogs digging. If you spend a night, you may be lucky to see coyotes hunt vermin. What has happened to the Otto's and Ohio tomato farming has happened to other industries through-out America. America is being downsized. Too much government and too much regulation have hurt the American business man. Wait, I am sorry, the word American may soon be removed from some of our history books. The Texas state board of education has proposed to change the word American with Global Citizen. That's right folks, soon you will no longer be Americans but rather global citizens. Thank you this is Marko Vovk form (membership)

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