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Don’t Think Twice Its Alright Easy Lesson- Sing & Play Fingerstyle Guitar

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Get the free sheet music, tab and Tux Guitar Play Along Program here: " is taught here , and in this series we are going to accommodate beginners, intermediate and advances guitarist with renditions that are both for vocal accompaniment and solo fingerstyle. This particular lesson taught by Bob Harris, is a prelude to the original rendition, using easier one and two fingered chords in place of more complex chords. Beginners who are endeavoring to learn fingerstyle guitar will appreciate the simplicity of this lesson, and also enjoy the melodic sense of the substitute chords and simple arrangement to this classic song. In this video,we are going to learn some key points that many aspiring singers/vocalist will really benefit from. Key one with guitar and vocal is to be 'well rehearsed with your guitar part. In this lesson, perhaps many of you are not quite ready for fingerstyle and vocal. Step on is to at least get you playing guitar, in order to have the opportunity to sing sing and play at the same time. With this easier than fingerpicking fingerstyle strumming technique (called Clawhammer guitar, an aspiring vocalist will have an easier time trying to sing and play along with the guitar. It's important that you at least have some sort of ability to do both if you are not ready for the more difficult fingerstyle and vocal performance. Then next key improvement is understanding "vocal phrasing" or timing as instructor Bob Harris calls it.Vocal phrasing simply can take a not so good singer, and greatly improve one's overall sound by singing in a groove. Bob instructs you to listen and see if you can hear the variations he gives with the vocals, and even comment below in the YouTube video if you "can hear the difference" in the vocal performances. This lesson also is of great help of you endeavor and/or struggle to find your "vocal key" for a particular song. If singing "Don't Think Twice is Alright is your goal (along with fingerstyle guitar which is what Bob Dylan did when he recorded this song). than this lesson three of the series of "Don't Think Twice It's Alright Guitar Lesson Easy Fingerpicking will be a welcome help. Finally, Bob leaves you with more helpful tips and his well regarded "play along" sections, for both fingerstyle and easier clawhammer. Much attention is paid to the vocal part, as Bob shows where the "near exact" vocal phrasing Bob Dylan performed on his famous 'Don't Think Twice it's Alright" recording. Take this lesson, learn these chords, and practice with the free material that's included such as sheet music and tab, tux guitar and personalized help by signing up on Bob's VIP guitar group list. Lesson 2 will continue with going over the basics, and lesson 3 will focus in on the same arrangement Bob Dylan used. A fourth and fifth lesson is going to combine rhythm and melody for a solo guitar instrumental.

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