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SCUNNER - 'Subtraction Jack' - (Full Show) HD

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SCUNNER present: The Sorry Tale of Subtraction Jack and His Lady Cadaver. - A story in song. - The Art School, Glasgow - 17th September 2013 Subtraction Jack is a washed up, worthless bum. It wasn't always that way - he tells anyone and everyone in seafront bars how he used to be king of the high seas. He raided the finest ships, killed the mightiest mythical beasts and lived the life of a champion. The secret of his power was a silver gilded banjo, a gift from the gods. Whoever played it could command the power of a hundred heroes, and Jack did just that. But then, at the height of his infamy. Jack met someone. Lady Cadaver was her name, and she was as cunning as she was beautiful. Hand in hand, they ruled the seven seas. Nothing was impossible. One fateful day. the Lady and the banjo eloped into the night. She stole his all. Or did she? Songs: The Rolling Sea Every Battle Won Something That Had Been A Man Subtraction's Lament Monsters Two Good Friends Suck It Up Jack Thunder Rules The Lady's Fate Candy Bones #2 The Final Waltz Cast Of Characters: Subtraction Jack - Paul Puppet Brooke Pond - James Lismore Smythe - Alistair Edwards The Lady Cadaver - Samantha - Mulvihill Grizzle the ill willed witch - Emma Taylor Twink Fluffykins - Catriona Ruth Paterson Heccubus, Spawn Of Satan - Tom Harlow Pretzilla Vegania - Ammie Jay Thanks to: Kim Khaos, Mumma Khaos & Johanna Flanagan All songs created and performed by SCUNNER Vocals - Paul Puppet Guitar, piano and vocals - The Lunatic Engineer Organ, piano & synthesiser - David McMahon Jr. Bass, keyboards & guitars - JJ Mills Drums & Percussion - Jim Cosgrove Shadow Puppetry - Paul Puppet & Emma Fork Video - Encore - SCUNNER SCUNNER - /scunner.band / SPANGLED EVENTS - /spangledeventsscotland video by mrjonthehat (c) SCUNNER / 21st century haufcut mmxiii

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