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LH-600E Feature Demo from Mitutoyo

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Linear Height LH-600E - Series 518 -High Performance 2D Measurement System Series 518 FEATURES • Excellent accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)μm with 0.1μm/0.5μm resolution/repeatability. • Perpendicularity (frontal) of 5μm and straightness of 4μm are guaranteed. • Pneumatic full/semi-floating system allows adjustment of air-cushion height. • Basic statistical functions are provided and, additionally, RS-232C / USB data output provides the option of evaluating measurement data externally with SPC software on a PC. • One-key operation for running a semi-automatic measurement. • Data entry from a Digimatic tool. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Automate 2017 - TAG Optics" https://

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