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Don't Worry Be Happy - A Cappella

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The typical spiel with a cappella covers: The audio in this video is composed of my voice - and snaps. I do not own the rights to this song. Bobby is a genius (albeit a little repetitive at times) and all credit for the arrangement goes to him. McFerrin's original music video: https://(https://plus./u/0/b/109191269404176355255/109191269404176355255/posts?pageid=109191269404176355255). Here's a list of the youtube tutorials I studied to make this; you could do it yourself with a couple programs and a microphone: Audio - Vocal Editing Overview (some of you might find this guy a bit abrasive, but he has some pretty decent tips): https://(I was already pretty familiar with Premiere so I didn't need to research much) - Ultra Key (You don't actually need a green screen, I didn't use one): https://

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