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Oh How I love You (Gion)

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Gion is currently working on his first album titled, NO MORE SHALLOW THINGS. "Three chords and the TRUTH can change the world." -- Unknown One of the best things about music is having the ability to express oneself. The rhythms, melodies, harmonies, lyrics, along with other musical elements all help contribute to the big picture. Music has the power to convey emotion, or even proclaim a truth. To change the world one note at a time is the ultimate purpose in music. The primary goal of Gionovan (Gion) Bean's music is to change the world one note at a time. He strives to express his ideas, feelings, and heart through all of his music, while also providing an satifying and artistic musical experience for the listener. The California native, singer, songwriter, musician, and worship leader offers a unique fusion of various music styles. Those who have listened to his music often refer to it as "progressive" or "dynamic." As with most music, it is pretty hard to narrow it down to a specific genre. It is simply up to the discretion of the listener. Gion is currently recording his first album titled NO MORE SHALLOW THINGS. With the help of his producer, Marques Murrey, Gion hopes to inspire and challenge listeners to make a declaration to forget about the "shallow things" in their life, and focus on Jesus Christ. His heart for God really shines through on this album from the music to the lyrics. NO MORE SHALLOW THINGS has been dubbed an "innovative" worship album. With Jesus at the center of each song, Gion pushes himself outside of his comfort zone by experimenting with various melodies, ideas, and sounds, all of which help show Gion's own desire for a deeper relationship with God. Gion hopes to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world through his music one song, one chord, one note at a time. --- "Mere words cannot explain, what my heart longs to say. Oh how I love You. In everything I do, my love shines bright for You." ~ "Oh How I Love You" "Our solid rock on which we stand, You hold us with Your mighty hand. We will not be shaken, will not be moved. Our souls find rest, rest in You." ~ "Solid Rock" "When our hearts are turned away from Your great love, Your faithfulness still shines bright down on us." ~ "Faithful"

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