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Nurez - Sonnensterben (full album, 2019)

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Today we bring you another album we are immensely proud to see emerge from collaborations between members of The Order; Sonnensterben, by Nurez! Released on Flowing Downward, with guest spots from Order affiliates Tim Hull (Wolf Garden), Nyss (Över, Nyss ), and lyrical poetry provided by Tudor Licurici. We met Moritz’s and his naturalistic atmo-black project, Nurez, last year when he released Hiraeth. Since then, he has released an album of ambient compositions under the guise of Innig, cosmic space-black metal as ◊ and now the follow-up Nurez album – a phenomenal progression from his previous work, incorporating influences from a range of styles, with baroque, jazz, neo-classical, rock, ambient, and field-recording passages melded into a coherent, virulent form of black metal. The album is out on CD and digital through the label now. Band: Nurez Album: Sonnensterben Year: 2019 Label: Flowing Downward Country: Germany Genre: Atmospheric / Progressive Black Metal Join the cult: Order ov the Black Arts: https://

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