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TRTWorld - World in Two Minutes, 2015, May 1, 15:00 GMT

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ATHENS MAY DAY Greek authorities have cordoned off much of central Athens prior to planned Labour Day protests. Protesters held SYRIZA banners in support of the ruling left-wing party and chanted slogans against Eurogroup creditors. These May Day protests come as negotiations to secure the release of funds from a bailout continue in Brussels. More than 75 percent of Greeks have said they feel Greece must make a deal with its bailout lenders to avoid an exit from the eurozone. RAN LANDING BLOCKED The Saudi Arabian air force has continued to prohibit Iranian planes from landing in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has imposed strong flight restriction over Sanaa by preventing planes from approaching the city’s airport. Saudi Arabia’s actions came shortly after four Saudi soldiers were killed by Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi fighters at the Yemeni border. Saudi-led coalition air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition had previously targeted the international airport of Sanaa. OBAMA PUSHES TPP U.S. President Barack Obama has argued that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a twelve-nation Pacific trade deal, and the fast-track legislation needed to finalise the pact, are good for workers. He said the TPP would bring in billions of dollars in business. Disagreements over the deal and parts of his own Democratic party escalated this week as Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met in Washington for ongoing negotiations. Some Democrats in Congress fear the TPP could hurt American jobs and the environment. BADIE APPEALS SENTENCE Mohammed Badie, the senior leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, has filed an official appeal against the death penalty he received in April. Badie was accused of inciting riots and forming operations “to spread terror” following the August 2013 Rabaa sit-in dispersal. His lawyers claim the verdict was “highly political.” Facebook: https://

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