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Top 10 Best Women's Rain Boots

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Currently, the best women's rain boot is the Hunter Original. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest rain boots for women. Get Discount Here: 1. Hunter Original - (olive oil will work) on them, and buff them out with a soft cloth. If you like your boots to stay shiny, try this secret trick; put some rubbing compounds for vehicles on them. Rubber has one other downfall, if exposed to too much heat, its quality can degrade. So store your rain boots out of direct sunlight. You can even keep them inside of a large paper bag for extra protection. To help the leg areas keep their shape, stuff balled up socks, t-shirts or newspapers inside of them during off-seasons. As for your comfort, put on double or thick socks. This can prevent rain boots from sliding around when you walk and reduce the possibility of blisters. Wear knee-high socks, or ones that at least meet the top of the rain boots. The friction of these shoes can easily pull ankle socks right off of your feet, leaving you nearly barefoot in your boots, exposing your feet to bacteria in the shoes. Socks with a strong, elastic grip will also stay on better. If you live in an area that is rainy and warm at the same time, you may be tempted to wear your rain boots with shorts or a dress. But don’t, because water can get inside of the boots. Channel: https://

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