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Lupe Fiasco - Dear Fall [LYRICS]

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More 🔥 Songs On My Channel 👍👍👍 ►https://"Lupe Fiasco's The Cool" kicking off with his new single "Superstar" and the internet and viral monster "Dumb It Down" on Amazon HERE. ►https://(niggas) Astaghfirullah I'm not a prophet but Fahrenheit 1/15 is being quoted by preachers Far from being a leader but I'm still being invited by teachers Wit no Hennessey and no reefer Give em a hand I came from hand-me-down sneakers And I don't wanna boast or brag But for what most niggas hope... a nigga done had Chop game wit my Folk and split it in half "You ain't gotta bring it back tomorrow" a nigga can have Rich or broke... a nigga ain't mad Self-esteem will make a Regal ride like a Silver Seraph Just wipe the french fries off the seat lean back and I tilt my hat And nod my head to the baseline Free base to the 8 times at +Baseline+ watching Jay put it together I wonder if he knew while he was mumbling this would push Lupe forever Together... with the F-n-F crew Atlantic on post proudly present to you: Some new,something fresh, something different A lil to the left, a lil upliftin' A lil good game, a lil hustlin' Some SB Nikes, some nice crushed linen Don't forget the skateboard, of course the nice women Can I get a mic check a lil light dimming And a fresh bottle of Voss, maybe with some light lemon And you gotta blame my momma for the lil lightskinning And this ain't written I swear Autumn I was just recording em... as I thought em A Y.G. F-n-F U.P 23 year old V.P. wit a flow like Laudanum That'll getcha sleepy but soon as they nod off that when I smell it's Autumn What up Madison Street... how they gonna keep us off them?... PEEEEACE -------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ MoonDawg got his hands on some unreleased Lupe Fiasco gems (seriously, how many of these joints exist?) as he just put together this mixtape Before There Were Lasers. Some of these have hit the internets before, but there are some others that I've never heard. Hell, I dont think anyone (generally speaking, of course) has heard some of these. Hooked you up with the lyrics also. SUBSCRIBE Tracklist 1.This Is For My Niggas (Full Version) 2.Freestyle I 3.Street Stories 4.Bottom Of My Heart 5.Gangsta Up In Here 6.Cold Out 7.Freestyle II 8.Tic-Tic 9.Fire 10.Freestyle III 11.Flash My Watch 12.Freestyle IV 13.Accept The Troubles 14.Could Of Been 15.BONUS Girl Talk Remix

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