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Kitten Academy Live Stream

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If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action. Is there something we should know about? Do you have a question for us? Email us at headmaster@kitten.academy or Tweet us @kitten_academy. If you want to chat with us and the other viewers, there's a 24/7 chat accessible to our supporters on Patreon - link below. ANNOUNCEMENTS: * Fable, Quill and Meter are still looking for adopters! * Join us at 10 AM KATZ Saturdays for Mailbag! * Apply at any time to be an adopter: https://kitten.academy/adoption-application. You can submit applications for future KA kittens at any time too! KITTEN INFO: Main Kitten Classroom: -- Fable's Tails -- Fable (F) - Momcat Ink (F) - Dark Tabby, Yellow Collar (Adopted by Falafel) Quill (F) - Dark Tabby, Pink Collar Parchment (F) - Light Grey Cheatsheet for Fable's Tails: https://kitten.academy/mewspaper/2018/8/14/fables-tails-photo-updates Annex: Verse and her nine kittens - yet to be named or photographed! Spa Suite: -- Mom Verse's Kittens -- Verse's previous litter have now enrolled at the Academy. They are: Meter (F) - Orange and White Shorthair Prose (F) - Adopted by Waltz You can see them on recent closeups. Apply to adopt now! They will be ready to graduate within the next couple of weeks! Kitten Weight Chart for 2018: https://docs./spreadsheets/d/1P53ge1BT7bfBA3NafvUwBShR6VxmAlRFyiMsgNYu0Lo/edit?usp=sharing FAQ: - We are kitten fosters, trying to help rescued cats get adopted by loving homes. - We're in Illinois, USA. - It's really live 24/7, forever. - We turn off the lights at night, but we have good night-vision set up. For the cats, it seems dark. - We don't get paid for this! - This stream began on April 20th, 2016. YouTube's start time is incorrect. - The pops and bangs on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesdays during the day are from a nearby skeet-shooting range. They're not as loud in person! - The three beeps you often hear are from our home security system, whenever a door or window is opened or closed. - ADOPTIONS: Adoptions are managed by On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, but you can apply online via our website! https://kitten.academy/adoption-application - Kittens and momcats at the Academy are typically fed Royal Canin Mother and Babycat wet and dry food. CONTACT US: See photos, archived videos, news, and other information at the Kitten Academy website

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