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Wu Tang Collection - Little Kickboxer

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Director: Lim Seon Cast: Kim Jin-su, Kim Da Hye, Lee Taek, Kwon Sung-young, Lee Ti Hyuk-jin is a model student in the 6th grade that is tormented by his physically superior peers. He sees Chloe-ho fight a bunch of hoodlums and is moved to learn Taekwondo. His mother is shocked to learn about Hyuk-jin's determination to learn the sport that killed his father and who died in a tournament. But she learns that Chloe-ho was her husband's pupil and on of his acquiesces. Hyuk-jin trains during summer break and is transformed into a physically powerful young boy. He roughens up Nak-joon's men who come to his mother's restaurant to collect rent. Nak-joon runs a fake gym while controlling a crime organization on the sly. He brings the Thai kick boxer who killed Hyuk-jin's father and opens a martial arts tournament. Hyuk-jin sees this as the perfect chance to avenge his father Subscribe to the Wu Tang Collection now and enjoy the best in Martial Arts Action and Entertainment! Go to https://

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