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Home & Away : I come to you in pieces {2006 - 2013}

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PLEASE WATCH IN 720P!! I have been trying to pluck up the courage to vid H&A to this song since FOREVER, and ive always backed out becauuse the song was really long and im being lazy lately.....so last week I just said what the hell, Im feeling so inspired by the show lately which really gave me the kick to just do it! So anyway here it is......I actually really like how it turned out...... as you might gather from the vid .... Im not a Heath/Bianca fan AT ALL!! he annoys me no end, and hate the show for destroying Liam & Bianca! Ive tried to include as many moments over the past 7 years as possible... and sorry for the Jack & Martha overload cos theyre my favourite H&A couple ever! :P Its an exciting year ahead in Summer Bay, especially because.... SALLY'S COMING HOME!!! you guys dont know how freaking excited I am that shes returning! Also we have Liam,Romeo and Gina's exits to come over the coming weeks/months that im excited about and also gutted about at the same time cos I really love them....especially sad that its gona be the end of Romeo/Indi who have grown on me....also love the family unit the Palmers have with Jett! Oh well, everyones gotta go at some point.,, In case you havent already realised....I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!! its got a very special place in my heart and I just love to vid it mainly because of its extremely rich history! Anyway im gona shut up now....hope you guys like this :) Follow me on twitter : https:///Kevie91 Follow me on Facebook : https://

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