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[APH] Group Theme Songs

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Soooo, I'm back :3 hope you like it -The Allies -- just call my name: I don't know :/ I wanted to use 'Remember the name', but found out that someone alredy had, so I used this one instead -The Asians -- Kung fu Beat: Sorry, couldn't resist x) -The Anicients -- The Light behind your eyes: I'm not sure about this one :/ It was hard to not use a Disney song, but it was against the rule I made, so I used this song. I look at it as is it was China who sung, as he saw the other ancients disepare until he was the only one left :( -The Awesome Trio -- I'm awsome: Sorry, but it is perfect for them x) -The Axis -- In the end: It fits IMO -The BTT -- Sexy, Noughty, Bitchy me: Do I have to say anything? -The Baltic Trio - Mean: *can't come up with a comment* -The Colonies -- Breakaway: I haven't really thought about how many of the Hetalia Characters who infact is former Colonies! I researched a bit and found: America, Canada, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Iceland, Macau, Egypt, Cameroon, India and Vietnam X) -The Europeans -- Europe Skies: If I thought there where many Colonies, then they have nothing for the Eurpeans o.O I think I came up to 35 (Canon!) European Characters in Hetalia! -The FACE Family -- safe and sound: I think the song is cute for them -The Frying Pangle -- When I was your man: don't kno here either :/ but everytime I here this song, I think about this so, why not? -The Girls -- run the World (Girls): Do I have to say anything? -The Girly Man Trio -- My Boy Lollipop: Haha XP I don't even know :} It fits them... kinda... -The Italians -- We No speak Americano: Do I need to say anything -The Keivan Rus Family -- Russian Roulette: Sorry. I have little fantasy -The magic trio -- double trouble: From a Harry Potter movie, what can more magical than that? -The Nordics - In scandinavia: again, do I need to say anything? -The Siblings -- The Sleepsong: This is so cute and sad :') I imagine that the older siblung sings this to the younger or something ike that -The Tomato Gang -- The ketchup song: Ketchup....Tomato.... Do I need to say anything more? -The Viking trio -- Viking Death March: In the tittle ;) I don't own anything, except the editing!

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