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тooтнleѕѕ || wнere мy DEMONS нιde

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❝ Your eyes, they shine so bright I wanna save that light I can't escape this now Unless you show me how ❝ dedication A gift to a good friend, fan, and Christian who I've been in close contact with for over a year, usertoothlessthenightfury: "light" and contrasting Toothless' Red Rage hypnotism with Hiccup's heartbreak and shock. It's been way too long since I vidded HTTYD, and this was a great excuse to frame-by-frame the second film and feel the punch of its emotions. Stoick's death was such a shock, but Hiccup's sorrow just gutted my soul. ❝ update Dear friends! I'm so sorry for being away. Life's been crazy since last year and my absences from a lot of social media betrays some of the loss of motivation and inspiration for socializing and creating. Family problems and school took up my time and energy, but now I'm hopefully over both. I finally feel more whole than I was for ages. Anyway, thank you to anyone who watches this video and enjoys it! p.s. If anyone has seen my "Vidder's Tag" video then that one prospective project featuring "a friend's artwork" transformed into this. So... haha change of plans! ❝ credits song: see end of video footage: HTTYD1-2

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