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NGVI CNG Natural Gas Vehicles International NGV ANGVAs Green Highway Project Launched in Korea NGVs

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Two Routes were chosen to reach Bangkok in time for ANGVA 2007 under this project: Eastern Route: Chuncheon, Korea to Bangkok. Oct 22nd Nov 29th 2009. Champion NGVI (Korea) / PTT (Thailand) Sponsors NGVI, PTT, NGVI-Thai, Ministry of Environment Korea, Gangwon Province Korea, Chuncheon City Korea, Donghae City Korea, Woodward, ITT Industries, Landirenzo, GMS Rally, Faber Cylinders, FuelMaker, Tata Daewoo, Mototron, NGV School, VTI Automotive, KwangShin, Clark, Swagelok, Hwayoung, GANGV. Team Leader Ryan Freer (Korea) Southern Route: Singapore to Bangkok Nov 21st Nov 29th 2007. Champion Smart Energy (Singapore) /PETRONAS (Malaysia) / PTT (Thailand). Main Sponsors PTT NGV, PETRONAS, ABA Gas, NAZA, PROTON, Smart Energy, Melchers Team Leaders William Aw (Singapore) / M. Shalan (Malaysia) The two routes were self-funded through sponsors and contribution in kinds with PTT covering all costs incurred in Thailand. ANGVA is now inviting proposals and sponsorships for participation and implementation of the upcoming ANGVA Green Highways 2009. Project to raise awareness and initiate fueling infrastructure ANGVAs inaugural Green Highways project was launched at a rapturous departure ceremony in Chuncheon City, Korea on Monday October 22nd as the caravan of the Eastern Highway embarked on the journey toward Bangkok. The 2007 Green Highways Project will consist of two caravans of NGVs departing from East and South Routes to arrive concurrently in Bangkok to coincide with the 27 -29 November 2007 ANGVA Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. With aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of NGVs and emphasize the environmental and economic benefits of Green Highways for the region, the departure ceremony in Chuncheon proved an early sucess for the project. Held in the forecourt of the Gangwon Provincial Government office, the well attended event was covered by local print and broadcast media. More than 200 people were in attendance and a congratulatory speech was made by Gangwon Province vice-Governor Kim Dae-ki. Representatives from Koreas Ministry of Environment, KOGAS, Chuncheon City, Donghae City and Gangwon Province were also in attendance. Im happy to support this NGV project and hope to see a Green Highways event at all future ANGVA Conferences and Exhibitions, said NGVI President and Eastern Highway supporter Kevin Park. As a cooperative effort, champions have volunteered to support and lead each route. NGVI, Korea, is the team leader for the Eastern route and SmartEnergy, Singapore, is the team leader for the Southern Route. PTT, the project organizer and host of ANGVA 2007 Conference and Exhibition is a major sponsor for caravans during the journey and stay in Thailand. The Green Team (Eastern Highway drivers and tech support) departed to the sound of a marching band, crackers, and falling glitter. Next Stop is Donghae City, candidate city for ANGVA 2009, on Korea's east coast. Eastern Route - Day 2 The Eastern Highway team set out on Day 2 of the Green Highways Project after another boisterous ceremony, this time held by Donghae City, a candidate city for ANGVA 2009. Kogas recently announced plans for the construction of Koreas 4th LNG plant and receiving terminal in Donghae City. The port city will also be home to a Gazprom gas pipeline that will connect with Sakhalin in Russias far East. Donghae City Mayor Kim Hak-ki and ANGVA Vice-President Kevin Park made congratulatory remarks after a brief cultural performance. The vehicles didnt need too much wiping down after the 240km drive from Chuncheon City and sparkled in the midday sun as promotional Green Highways t-shirts were passed around. Journalists, attendees and other NGV newcomers were busy flicking through their Green Highways brochures familiarizing themselves with NGV clean energy technology. Its great to be on the road and to have so many people come and support us, said Eastern Highway Project Manager William Choi. Its a credit to our sponsors and to everyone who has pitched in to make this project a success. The Green team will now head toward Koreas southern provinces stopping in at supporters Swagelok, Hwayoung and Kwangshin and the Korean Ministry of Environment for small welcoming ceremonies. Source - Ryan Freer (Eastern Route team leader)

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