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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi - Future Twist - Sony TV Serial - Indian Hindi TV Serials Online Free

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Sonakshi proposed Dev in a quite special way by going down on her knees and there started a new journey of Devakshi. Both of them return to their respective homes. Dev shares the news with Ishwari, who gets extremely happy. She wishes a better future with everything getting back on track with her son. Sonakshi gets a surprise welcome at Bose house with a Mrs. Dixit banner which she loves seeing. She now likes being called as Mrs. Dixit. Later in the show you will see Ishwari coming to Bose house to talk about Dev and Sona’s marriage. The families are rejoicing Devakshi union and they happily agree for their marriage. Bijoy treats Ishwari well and is happy for both Dev and Sonakshi now. Sonakshi meets Elena and shares with her how she proposed Dev. She and Dev talk about their relationship and how they missed each other for past 7 years. They remember about the good and bad times together. They apologize to each other for the past mistakes. They decide to be happy in future. They decide to delay their marriage so that they can spend some times together before getting into this commitment. They do not want to carry the burden of their past into their future and they need the time with each other for it. They inform their families about this decision which certainly surprises both the families. They try to make them understand the reasons behind their decision. Bijoy starts to accept Dev into his life too and Dev reciprocates in a positive way. SOnakshi tells Ishwari that when they get into this commitment again, they want to be fully prepared and should go into it wholeheartedly. Ishwari wants Sonakshi as her daughter in law as early as possible. She wants her for herself too, not only for Dev. She thinks of her perfect family with Dev, Sonakshi and Suhana. For her its like a dream come true. But she understand Dev and Sonakshi’s requests and the reasons behind the same. Sonakshi enquires with Ishwari about Dev’s sisters which makes Ishwari emotional. Radha Rani and Vicky fume in anger and blame Sonakshi for the failure of their plan. They now wonder about the future and thinks about what to do next to create troubles for Sonakshi and Dev. They do not want this union and this becomes their prime objective to derail this move by both the families. Dev and Sonakshi’s romance starts with this and they spend some quality moments with each other like old times. This time they dont have the burden of hiding anything from anybody as they have the approval of both the families. If they are united now, its because of the families. So they enjoy their romantic moments. These new Devakshi journey is going to be refreshing as well as entertaining. You are surely going to like this phase of positivity and freshness. Share your thoughts on this new phase in comments and subscribe to Desi Raita for more updates. Read More -

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