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Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack - Game Walkthrough (all levels)

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Papa Louie is back and this time he’s off on a cruise with several of his friends. He isn’t going on a cruise to feel relaxed though as he has to do work. What better work to do on a cruise than sell ice cream and cold desserts. While presenting his Freezeria, the ingredients and desserts apparently come to life. Then again they seem to have come from another dimension. They kidnap several of the passengers and make the cruise a bit of a nuisance. It’s up to you to save all those people and get rid of those naughty desserts. Aesthetics: Papa Louie 3 uses the same art style from the first two games. It uses hand drawn animation utilizing cartoonish visuals. The actual visual presentation looks good and the animations for the characters are fluent to say the least. The game looks vibrant and colorful as well a pretty to look at. The music gives you that tropical feel to it as well as a relaxing tune. It is given the fact that you were on a cruise ship and the stages you’re hopping on are mostly tropical when it comes to their motifs. Gameplay: Papa Louie 3 is a 2D side scroller and platformer. You control your characters with the use of the right keys to make them move from left to right. You can also allow them to duck or jump when the situation calls for it. Players can also make their character attack and perform special abilities when they have them. The objective in each level is to get to the end zone where a character is waiting to be saved. There is actually more than one character to be saved in each level but going at it the first time there is one. Once you save a character you can use them as they are playable. Each character has their specialties and moves. There are some that are fast, some can swim faster, can attack from a distance and others. In each stage, there are characters that can excel at a given point. There are also other optional objectives to do in the stages. Just like killing the right number of enemies and gathering the right number of items. Keep in mind that you can return to previously finished stages so that you can use those new characters to access different areas in the level. The levels are huge as there are multiple areas to explore however specific characters can only do that as most can’t. Then we have the enemy roster which consists of dessert items that can damage you. If you lose all hearts then you return to the last save point that you passed. The enemies can be stunned by jumping on them. In order to kill them, one has to hit them with their attack. Players can finish the game even without completing the optional quests but it’s more fun to finish all of them if you can of course.

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