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'COMPREHENSIVE BATTLE' AGAINST ISIS The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusog​​lu says the US and Turkey will soon launch what he called a ‘comprehensive battle’ against ISIS. US aircraft and drones have arrived at a Turkish air base in the southeast. Last month, Turkey approved the use its Incirlik air base by the US-led coalition, to launch air strikes against ISIS. Meanwhile,Turkey and the US have been working on plans to provide air cover for a group of US-trained Syrian ​opposition fighters​. They intend to force ISIS out of a strip of northern Syria that stretches about 80 kilometres along the Turkish border. OBAMA PUSHES IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL US President Barack Obama says the upcoming congressional vote on the recent Iran nuclear deal is the most important US foreign policy decision since the Iraq war. Earlier this month, Iran and six world powers agreed to the deal in exchange for lifting sanctions. Since then, Obama has met 84 lawmakers. If Congress rejects the deal, President Barack Obama has promised to veto the decision. FINES FOR TRANSPORTING MIGRANTS Transport companies and truck drivers have been fined 6.2 million dollars for transporting migrants this year. That’s up 50 percent from last year. The UK border patrol issued 33 hundred fines. They can run as high as three thousand dollars for every migrant found on a truck. Companies call the system ‘unfair’. A growing number of migrants in France continue to try to enter the UK through the Eurotunnel. HADI LOYALIST FIGHTERS GAIN GROUND Fighters loyal to the exiled Prime Minister, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi say they’ve taken about 10 villages in the south from Houthi rebels. On Tuesday, the loyalist fighters also recaptured the country's largest military base from Houthi forces. This was the second most significant win for Hadi loyalists after they recaptured Aden from the Houthis in July. Facebook: https://

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