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Gobble | Maggi Poppers

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Because we're all crazy about Maggi! Ingredients: 1 packet Maggi Masala 1 Green Chilli (Chopped) ¼ cup Onion (Chopped) 1 tsp Ginger (Chopped) ¼ cup Red Bell Pepper (Chopped) ¼ cup Yellow Bell Pepper (Chopped) 1 tbsp Green Peas ¼ cup Carrot (Chopped) 150 g Cheese (Pizza Cheese 1 inch sticks) 2 tbsp and 400 ml oil Breadcrumbs (for frying) 1½ cup water Preparation: 1. Heat oil in a pan, add onions, ginger and green chillies, saute for a minute 2. Add other vegetables and continue frying for another 2 minutes 3. Add the Maggi seasoning, 1½ cups of water, bring to boil 4. Crush the Maggi noodles and add to the water 5. Cook and reduce the water, mash the noodles 6. Take a small ball of the noodle mixture and flatten it out on your palm 7. Place the cheese in the center of flattened noodle mixture, fold sides to form a cylinder 8. Coat the poppers with bread crumbs, deep fry till golden 9. Serve with ketchup or Schezwan sauce 10. Gobble, gobble, gobble!

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